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(Larger Amounts Available - Just Ask !!!)

Our Wings are Winglets / NOT whole wings

    The ranch is 75 cents extra per 2oz cup

6 Pc. Wings (Plain)                                              
6 Pc. Wings (Flavored)                                      
-BBQ                  -Honey              -Teriyaki
          -Buffalo               -Sweet & Spicy

Teriyaki Fried Wings

Buffalo Fried Wings

Plain Fried Wings

Sweet & Spicy Fried Wings

Honey Fried Wings

BBQ Fried Wings

Call Tokyo Grill To Make Order

757-539-8266 or 757-539-8115

      House Vietnamese Rice Dishes 

Our Vietnamese rice dishes are all served with your choice of  meat, white rice and a side of fresh lettuce, tomato and cucumber served served with a side of our soy sauce.

Skewers of grilled shrimp 

Skewers of grilled chicken

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